this is a 2.2 thousand dollar trike.  this is not,ex-cyclism, this is vegas!

my passion for wood-working and cycling would ever cross…. till now.



funny, we all think that we need aluminum, titanium, and carbon to improve our bikes…. all we really need is bamboo! go figure.


i remember flying to a foreign country for the first time. as we approached the airport we could see the people in the nearby towns; farming rice, and driving in small utility vehicles the size of go carts.  at that moment my first thought was: “wow, there is a whole other world going on without me”.  well, that’s the same thought i had when i found this link. i never thought that the chain was an option to the bike design. pretty cool…. i’ll have to bring a few into my shop for people to tryout. oh wait a minute i don’t have a shop…. yet :)



i wonder if this bike will support a fatso like me?

that front wheel looks pretty unstable, but at least there is no chance of me getting my toes stuck in the front wheel :)