ok the rest of the day turned out to be crap, but the ride home…. just awesome. i had to work late because something i was working on broke at the last minute, and we can’t get another one in time for my big show in vegas. it was almost dark by the time i left, because i had to put all my lights on. i had taken them off for my weekend riding. the weather was perfect again, i could still wear shorts and short sleeve jersey. once again i wore the ipod ear buds to make the trip a little more relaxing. tonight i used the same music i had for for breakfast… it didn’t let me down. i was going to take an awesome picture of the sunset, but my camera’s battery was low and it refused to snap the shot.

everything was so smooth. the gears shifted effortlessly as i climbed the gentle hill out to the first light. as i waited at the top for straight green i could see the under-anxious faces of the motorist as they turned right in front of me. through the green i started my crossing of the merge lane. the usual is pretty tricky since the mergers are pretty nervous about merging and no one wants to wait for an ex-cyclist. tonight i was preparing for the mergers when i looked back to see if i could cross and there was an suv with a super cute lady inside just smiling and waiting for me to pass in front of her. if you insist :) flying down the back side of the hill towards the bottom i have no bike lane so i join the cars to make a sharp right hand. the bike is so light on top that leaning it over to turn feels like it’s not even there. the whole turn was just pretty neat. i don’t know why it was so much better than last week, or the week before. that’s the coolest thing about cycling a lot…. if you just keep doing it sooner or later you will have a ride like this and when you get home you won’t even remember the work day.



…. ride

this morning i had the most awesome ride in to work. the weather was perfect, i was pretty well rested, and my bike was dialed. the music from the ipod was like blood dope in my system. the other thing that may have led to one of my most enjoyable ride in a long time, was the album by broken social scene. this was the same music from the bike courier video i posted the other day.

what a sweet day so far.