today was kind of a rest day of sorts. it was a little too cold and i was a little too late to ride in, so i just drove. i didn’t have anything too pressing since my robot shipped out yesterday. what happens when it gets there is another story. i got to work and before work had a chance to start, i had a great conversation with someone. a little later in the day an old friend called out of the blue. didn’t get to talk much, but it was cool to talk for a bit. over all, not bad for a monday. i was feeling pretty good, until…. i’m not sure i even want to talk about it. i’d better talk about it so it doesn’t cause any serious problems.

i had just gotten up to go to the little engineer’s room. i was happily walking across the office, and i think i was even whistling, i don’t remember what song it was. it could have been if i had a million dollars, maybe it was something by johnny cash or rick james…. anyway that’s not important. i went over to the restroom, and opened the handle. every time i open the door there is always something out of order. most of the time it just smells. other times something is plugging it, and other times it’s just a mess. in every case its something gross. today i wished there were such trivial matters behind these doors. i opened the door as if to take a step inside when i heard and saw at the same time someone sitting down taking care of “business”, yelling, “no….no…wait…”. i stood there frozen in shock. kind of a deer-in-headlights look on my face i’m sure. as if the situation on its own merrit wasn’t deservant of being horrible and traumatic, the person sitting down was my boss!

i went back to my desk and buried my head behind my undersized monitor…. and tried to stay out of sight for a while. the next few hours were pretty disturbing, but eventually it left my memory. i had all these work related questions to ask my boss, but decided to just take a stab at the answers on my own to avoid any awkward situations. i almost made it to the end of the day, until just before i was about to leave he called me over to discuss something with another one of my bosses [“i’ve got 8 bosses bob”]. earlier i had told the other boss about the situation, and so he laughingly brought it up during this meeting. he though it was pretty funny…. i’m actually glad he brought it up. i think the situation will be long forgotten by tomorrow…. i hope.

the end