it’s been a bad week as far as cycling goes.  almost everyday there was something to keep me from riding in.   monday i just got so late i couldn’t ride in without getting fired.  tuesday i had to hurry home for something, wednesday i had a lunch date, thursday, i had to have the car for backup in case my wife needed me to take the kids somewhere.  so anyway i all came down to friday. i was actually really looking forward to riding to work again. i had some new music i knew was just going to tryout.  have you ever had some music that you listen to in headphones and just fall in love with … then you listen to it on regular speakers and it sounds just ok?  as you listen to it with the crappy speakers you find yourself saying thing like “this part sounds really good with the head phones”.  so i had this new album by touch and go and it sounds so cool with the headphones. i had been listening to it since monday, and i have been thinking about how its going to feel on my ride in to work.

so friday i listened to it while riding in.  actually i had been listening to it all day everyday this week…. i really like it.   i think that i kind of killed the whole new music effect because when i was riding with my ear buds it just didn’t sound very dynamic, the horn just didn’t have the same feel to it.   the beat does have a higher tempo that some of my riding music… and after two songs i was pretty tired.  it was still a nice day, and the weather was pretty chilled… about 35-40 degrees.  next time i get new music, i think i’m not going to listen to it till ride day.

oh i almost forgot. the ride home didn’t go so well. i ended up getting a flat.  i think it was a slow leak at first but then i hit some railroad tracks and i could feel the rim taking the blow.  shortly after that the tire went flat.  i thought that i had a pinch flat, and it’s very hard to change the back wheel [which is where the flat was] especially at night. i called my son to come out and pick me up.

while i was waiting for him i tried to fix the flat. it turned out that the stupid “slime” brand liner wore through the tube and created a hole.  this is the second time this has happened to me.  i’m not sure what the problem is, either a baggy tube, or a liner that is too wide.  still it’s pretty lame that the liner caused the flat…twice!  i’m going to have to figure this out… my other bike does not have this problem, it also a different brand liner.  i wouldn’t recommend the green slim brand teflon liner.