however, this seems like a bad idea…..


the other day i went out for a ride.  it was so friggin cold.  by the time i got home i was used to the cold…. however, after taking my shoes off i began to feel the pain.  i guess the shoes were tight enough that they were restricting the blood a little.  so after the shoes were removed, the warm blood rushed down to the cold feet, causing an incredible burning pain from inside my feet and toes.   it was so painful!  i had to lay on my back and elevate my feet until the pain subsided.  then slowly i stood again, only to have to return to my back. this went on for a couple more rounds, till the pain was finally endurable.


flying scotsman

last night i watched the flying scotsman. i was a little disappointed because over the past 10 years i have read a bunch of articles about graeme obree. i knew he was an exceptionally troubled person, and i don’t think the movie conveyed it properly. i was also, disappointed because they failed to over dramatize the cycling portions. granted there is not much drama in a time trial, but they could have done something. i found this clip, and i think phil liggett

anyway the timeline of the movie is a bit confusing, so pay attention. if you are hungry for another cycling movie, then check this one out. i ended up enjoying it, but mostly because i was starving for another cycling movie….. they seem to be so few and far between these days.