here i am at work.  i am almost an hour away from leaving, and i can’t help but notice the temperature dropping into the teens.  it’s 17 right now.  i don’t know why this is bothering me… oh wait a minute i have something new to worry about. i just realized that i didn’t charge my head light.  it’s not completely empty, but i don’t think there is enough to get home…. crap!  this morning when i left the house it was about 5 degrees…yep you heard me 5 degrees!  it wasn’t so bad however.  something about the sun shining makes you feel warmer.  also, the fact that there are cars on the road, and the fact that it is only going to get warmer, makes the whole experience less frightening.  right now on the other hand, i have semi-wet clothes to ride in. i am deathly afraid of getting a flat with my studded tires on.  i don’t think i can stretch frozen rubber over these rims on more time.   also, i am not sure of my head light’s life span.  it was completely charged two weeks ago, i used it for ten minutes last week, and now it only has hour charge…..yikes!  i have an led headlight that i use as a supplement, but i hate using it as my main light…it’s not bright enough.

anyway…wish me luck.