…to running over it’s fingers with with my monster jeep. well it’s been a very very busy work month. i haven’t had a weekend off for three or four weekends now. in the mean time my son’s car broke down, and i had to loan him my car so he can get to swim practice, and so he can take his brothers around to their practices. anyway, the ceo of our company, found out [because i told him :)], and loaned me his monster jeep.

jeep.JPGthis thing is so tall and so low geared that i could probably crush a car no problem. the kids love it and want me to buy it. last night the kids wanted me to drive up a snow bank at the parking lot…. heh. i chickened out. hopefully i’ll be on my bike again. i haven’t been riding my bike to work because i am tired! yes, you heard me “tired” i’ve been coming home after 10pm almost everyday, and i just don’t feel like riding home everyday at that time, and waking up the next morning to ride in.