birthday ride

thursday was my birthday, and i woke up without a plan.  i wanted to do something challenging like i do every year, but this year i am so severely out of shape i was having trouble coming up with anything.  putting my bike in the car could have been the event, but i decided i should do something  a little more.  i couldn’t come up with anything interesting so i decided that i should go out and ride.  i started out going to do my regular old ride…the devil’s back bone.   as i pulled in to the parking lot i was feeling a little unenthusiastic…after all i’ve done this trail so many times i might be able to do it blind folded.  i just remembered this trail someone told me about a while back not too far from here…at least it will be something new… for my birthday.

bobcat ridge; almost 12 miles out and back, and 1500ft of climbing in the first 4miles.


i don’t remember when they had the fire, but it doesn’t look like it was too long ago.


looking down…


nice racing stripe in the rock.


wild turkey!!!


finally the rock park.

p1050525.JPG it was a pretty tough climb up to the top, especially since i was out of shape, and my bike is a single speed.  i can’t wait to climb this when i’m in shape.

happy birthday to me!