i almost got out of jersey on friday, but as luck would have it…my stupid robots decided to not start up.  i hate robots, i really do!   perhaps, it’s just these robots that i really hate.

a lot of people have misconceptions about robots.  most people think of robots as being androids, like the ones in the irobot movie.  robots that can help you out, and talk to you….and eventually kill you if a malicious virus infiltrates their main processor.  my robots don’t talk nor do they look or act human-like,  but they do piss me off like some humans.  i’m sure if they were equipted with a hand-like gripper, i would regularly get the servo-driven middle finger.   robot rage is the most human like characteristic they possess….occasionally they have separation anxiety,  as they showed me on friday.

so what kind of robots do i work on? well, my robots, usually only do one thing. they pick up randomly places things and place them precisely  into something else.  isn’t that exciting?  they actually move at 120 cycles a minute.  i usually can’t see what they are doing because it’s difficult to focus on something moving so fast. i know what you’re thinking,  “yawn….. super fucken yawn!”  me too actually.

robotic separation anxiety  is what keeps me here in new jersey.  not doing anything this weekend, because i’ve been really sick.  friday afternoon i went to bed because of a fever, basically i stayed in bed till saturday morning.  i had to work a few hours on saturday, but i’ve been getting better by the hour.  this morning i felt pretty good… good enough to go for a run.  not really, but i had to for mental reasons.  in fact i’m glad i did.  it was raining a pretty hard, but it’s really warm.

now i’m sitting here at “atlanta bread” in jersey, with a sticky bun a latte and free wireless!!!!  praise the lord.