moon struck

a few weeks ago i was at work trying to solve a problem that somehow eluded resolve during normal working hours.  the last coworker left more than four hours ago, and each noise and creak in the building is getting creepier and creepier.  i rode my bike into work this day and as midnight approached my enthusiasm for riding home diminished to the point of becoming dread.  i phone my wife one last time to see if she would be able to pick me up after her work finished.  her work is about 30 miles in the opposite direction so both of us were a little hesitant to make this plan work.  i didn’t want her to go so far out of her way to pick me up, after all i wasn’t stranded, just unmotivated.  motivation is difficult to salvage in this situation, since each passing hour devours more and more of the once plentiful reservoir motivation i had at 6pm.

just after midnight i resolved my work issues backed everything up and had a little “come to jesus” meeting with my self.  no one was sitting outside waiting to bring me home, no one was standing over my shoulder helping me pack up…. just me.  every time i ride my bike to work my plan is to ride to work, and then ride home from work.  sounds pretty obvious and simple, but sometimes laziness takes over and my plan becomes, get home whatever it takes….if it takes hitching a ride, calling home, whatever.   well, this night there weren’t too many options.  i put on my riding clothes, turned the building lights out, and out the door i went.  by the time i left the building it was nearly 1am, 28 degrees and hardly any cars in sight.

the cool winter air was not enough to spark motivation into my tired body.  still, i cranked away at my old bianchi into the unlit bike path in urban longmont.  without cars the night is super quiet…. and with the silence i can enjoy the smoothness of my bike.  after leaving longmont and all the light polution from the north wallmart, it was time to ride the shoulder of the concrete abiss called hwy 287.   after a mile or so down the highway the darkness was only broken by my small cheap plastic handlebar mounted headlight.  usually this light is not nearly bright enough to use as my sole lead, but this night it shined like the most expensive light money can buy.

three quarters of the way home and i am starting to feel pretty good.  still super tired and kind of sleepy but very relaxed.  just about when i had the thought that it was probably a good idea to ride home after all, i  looked up for some reason.  into the sky i right over my left shoulder i noticed the full moon.  alone in the sky with a beautiful halo as visible as the moon itself.  i actually had to stop pedalling get off my bike turn around and enjoy the sight.  there i was one something in the morning standing next to the road holding my bike looking back and into the sky.  it really was a rare moment….and i can’t wait to experience it again.