last night i didn’t get out of work till 7 or so. it was getting dark fast and i kind of forgot that i was riding home. when i stepped outside it was pretty chilly probably about 45 degrees. i had enough clothing… i guess, but it’s always hard to dress in this kind of weather. i was a little cold as i took off but it was bearable.

i felt really strong this evening for some reason. i think i have just been well rested. i just kept my bike in 5th gear and hammered everything. i didn’t notice too much of anything tonight, no stars, no strange lights… just things in front of me. by the time i got to the highway, i was sweating profusely. after about 3 miles someone was driving behind me and beeped their horn at me. it didn’t sound angry, it sounded kind of friendly. i actually thought they were going to offer me a ride. they went around me and stopped in the shoulder. i rode up next to them trying to keep a safe distance. it was a lady and had rolled down her window to talk to me. as i pulled up to the window, she said,”oh, i’m sorry i thought you were my son” i said,”that’s ok, have a good one!”. and off i went. it’s always a bit scary when someone pulls over in a car, you never know what to expect. i’ve had only good experiences so far. i’ve been rescued a few times from bad weather, i’ve met up with old friends who recognized me, and i’ve been queried for directions.

it felt really good to go so fast. the thing to remember when commuting as with life; there is a time and place for everything. if you feel like going fast, go fast…go as fast as you can. if you’re tired, go slow, enjoy your surroundings. if you feel like meeting people, then wave and thank all the cars that wait for you. i’m not sure how to convince you to ride when it”s too cold or too hot, other than mention how important it is to dress properly. for me, if the sense of accomplishment doesn’t out weigh the pain from the cold weather, then it is time to drive. note: i get get a sense of accomplishment from anything.

happy riding!

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