one of my favorite tv shows these days is the discovery channel’s “survivor man”.  in case you have not seen it, it’s a show that is supposed to teach you how to survive in the wilderness. well, today i had this idea for a tv show, probably on comedy central.  i was running late this morning on my way to work, so i didn’t have time to pack any lunch.  besides, someone ate the leftover taco bell that i was thinking of taking in for my lunch.

so there it was 12:10 and my stomach was at an all time low.  i dug around my office looking for some food. i sometimes bring extra non-perishables and leave them in my desk for just such an occasion.  i kind of hit a “jack pot” when i found some top ramen.  so off to the kitchen to “cook” it.  i opened the fridge just to see if by any chance i had some abandoned lunch from earlier in the week.  another jackpot….. i had some turkey that i brought in on ….ummm…. i think it was monday.  let’s just hope it was monday.  i also had some carrots probably from that same day.  i “cooked” the ramen and filled it with the turkey.  so i’m pretty excited how i managed to make a decent meal from basically scraps.  people were passing by the lunch room, commenting, “how can you survive on that stuff?” huh… i chuckled to myself, they didn’t know i had turkey in it :) i actually felt a little stuff afterward….. until. until the terrible pain in my side started. i think it’s my imagination, in fact i think it is my imagination that made me think i brought the turkey in on monday!

i should be ok, by the time i ride home.

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