if you’re expecting an answer other than “yes”…. then you are in fact on the wrong website. i have read articles that try to prove that one is more likely to get hit while wearing a helmet than one who is not….. and frankly it’s all 100% bull crap. i happen to drive a car when i am not riding my bike and i occasionally pass cyclist on the road. most of the time you can’t even tell if someone is wearing a helmet until you get pretty close. there is one element of truth to the said article however. the more stable someone looks on their bike, the closer cars get to them. i actually use this to my advantage when i ride by myself (i intentionally try to look a little unstable). if you think that not wearing a helmet is going to give you more room as well…. then you are playing a very risky game. we all know that if you hit your head on something it could cause serious damage. we also, know that there are plenty of opportunities to hit your head while riding in traffic. wearing a helmet should be as automatic as seat belts in your car. and don’t get me started on people that don’t wear seat belts. i have heard arguments that people take unnecessary or extra risks when wearing a helmet, which puts them in more danger. while i believe this to be true in some respects, i think that in general it is a moot point. you could also attribute most foot and leg injuries to shoes. if you were not wearing shoes you’d be going much slower, and you’d be much more careful.

if you decide to not wear a helmet, that’s ok too. after all the organ donor pool is getting pretty low these days. :)

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    here is a site dedicated to such a topic.

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