i just got my bike back from the powder coaters, at it was about half the price i was expecting. the powder coating was not quite as good as i wanted, but it will do.

the paint have a few little problems. the first one is that it is not shiny. i guess i didn’t ask for shiny, so i can’t really complain. they also left a few little grains of sand or something under the coat, so now there is a little bump. overall it’s not bad, just i can’t enter any custom chopper competitions :(

i also got my breaks and lever in the mail today…. i’m really happy with them so far.

they are “TEKTRO Orix” cantilever breaks weighing in at 162 grams x 2 = 324 grams.

and here are the levers Cane Creek SCR-5 (267 grams). they have internal cabling and they have a very long pull. these are way nicer than i thought they would be. i think i’m going to get a pair for my bianchi. btw the bars weigh 250 grams!

tomorrow is the big day when i get my headset, and bottom bracket. it shouldn’t be a big deal, but i totally guessed on the bb. i pulled a size out of my butt. if it doesn’t fit i think i can use it on another bike. i am worried about the headset because the powder coating on the fork went a little bit high. the crown may not fit any more.

total weight so far is 324 + 267 + 250 = 841 grams = 1.854 pounds

not counting frame and paint :)

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