i went out to the boulder cup cyclocross race this weekend. i didn’t race although i was tempted to jump into the cat 4 race. it was a very good idea that i didn’t think that for too long. i would have had my ass handed to me in a pannier. i’ve been so anti-racing for a few years now… just watching these guys kind of triggered something in me. i think i want to race again. i’m going to look around for a slow-fatso-race somewhere and see if i can enter. i wish they had a cat 5 or cat 6 cyclocross race.

here is a video from the race. it’s os todd wells bunny hopping over the barriers. he was the only one that was able to do this. it was really amazing to watch.

One comment on: ex-ex-cyclist??

  1. Becky

    Next thing I know you will be a brightly colored completely matching spandex wearing fool! Good luck racing..you know I will always be cheering for you…just don’t make me actually go to one of the old slow fatso races to do it..have you seen those people?!?

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