the family and i went down to the denver film festival tonight. we went to see a movie called skills like this . since it was filmed entirely in denver, it was a pretty big deal to be there [at least for small indie films]. some of the actors were there, some of the extras [including my kids]….and the director himself. the director introduced the film and then left the room. i guess he had seen it a thousand times and really didn’t need to see it any more.

it is a really funny/fun movie. if it ever makes it to the silver disk, make it a point to put it in your queue.

don’t you get distracted when people leave a movie during the middle, for some unknown reason? i do and i always think it’s kind of rude. can’t they just sit there for two hours, like the rest of us? well, tonight was my night. i don’t know what i ate, but something was giving me gas. i did a pretty good job of controlling it, but after 45 mins sitting in the movie i just couldn’t take it anymore. i had to leave. i tried to leave quickly so i wouldn’t disturb anyone…so i just bolted through the doors. funny observation: standing right outside the doors was the director and his lovely wife. they were the only two outside as if to guard the doors or something. i know he was thinking the same thing i usually think, “how rude!” probably though i was some kind of dirt bag for not watching his entire move. i tried to not make eye contact… and rushed down the hall to the restrooms. took care of the thing that was bothering me and headed back to the screen…. only, they were still there, just the two of them, guarding the doors. i politely smiled and went back in. do you know how bad it is to get caught being rude during a move, by the movie director himself???!?!

at the end of the movie i tried to suck up some, but i think it was way too late. i told him that he did a “good job” and shook his hand…. lol. boy i’m not obvious.

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