my bike project is almost a week old and i still haven’t taken it in to have it powder coated. i’ve had three places in mind, and two of them i had quotes from…and the third one…. well. i took it to the third one, which happened to be pretty close to my work. the receptionist was friendly enough, but the guy who was going to do the painting was kind of odd. he looked about 65 years old, but in reality he was probably about 50. he looked like he had been smoking since kindergarten. his skin was all wrinkled and he was shaking like a cold wet dog. he gave me some ridiculous price, i pretended to be interested, but just asked some question about powder coating then somehow got the heck out of there.

i ended up taking my bike to the berthoud place, they seemed a bit hillbilly, but they were cheap enough. i was also told by a coworker that it is pretty difficult to do a bad job of powder coating.

also, i got my headset and crown removed for free at the local bike shop. now i feel obligated to by something from them…. shouldn’t be difficult.

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