not working out

it seems that nothing is quite working out these days. my life has been turned upside down because of the demands of my job. i am struggling to keep my life as normal as i can, but riding my bike has taken a back seat….until this past weekend. it’s not like i finally looked in the mirror and saw my fat ass or anything. instead, i filled up my car with gas, and almost went into shock when i saw the pump roll over 40 dollars. by the way i drive a honda civic that has an 11 gallon tank and gets about 35 mph. i can’t believe that it is now cheaper for me to have the oil changed on my car than it is to fill it up. i don’t know how people with less fuel efficient cars do it…..

here in colorado, companies are required to pay a certain amount for miles driven while doing work related activities in your car. this doesn’t include driving to and from work [but it should]. it only includes things like driving to and from the airport on a business trip, or driving to a meeting in another city or whatever. the state reimbursement rate is now up to 51 cents per mile. this means that it now cost someone 51 cents a mile to drive their car. my drive to work is 17 miles one way, so each day i should get reimbursed about $17.34. i don’t get anything, so it ends up coming out of my pocket. i’ve been working at least 6 days a week, that’s over 100 dollars a week, or 400 a month! no wonder this family has no money. i can not drive any more…. that’s it. i can’t afford it. that’s not even counting my wife and my son’s driving.

i have all kinds of excuses to not ride today, but i’m just going to do it anyway.

have a nice day.

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