lately i’ve been experimenting with fancy coffee related drinks. a long time ago, i used to just drink regular ol’ lattes then the over sweetened vanilla lattes. it wasn’t long before i started having my barista limit the amount of vanilla syrup.

then a magical thing happened a few years back in california, my friend turned me on to the wondrous green tea latte. one sip of that and i never looked back. it wasn’t long before i started customizing it with the amount of green stuff. some days, i like it sweeter than others so i’ll have my barista put more or less green in it [what ever the green stuff is, it also doubles as the sweetener]. so there it was my “almost favorite” coffee drink.

one day, it came to me… a divine manifestation that to this day has improved my quality of life at least one notch. i was ordering my gtl [green tea latte], when right at the very end of my order, i asked my barista if she could put a shot of espresso in it. she paused for a moment, then said hesitantly, “um…ok”. she didn’t sound too confident, so i ask, “can you really do that for me?”. then she said, “i can do anything you want”, at that point i think she may have been flirting with me… but that’s another story. so she carried out my request, and when i took a sip… i could not believe how freakin’ good this drink was. it still has the sweetness of the green tea, but then it has an edge to it, that kicks you like any hard core coffee drink should.

so the green tea latte with a shot, does not have a name as far as i know. but i don’t know much. chai latte with a shot is a “dirty chai”. the green tea latte should be called “dirty grass” or gtlws?? this drink is so good, but i try not order this drink every time because i don’t want to be bored with it…so i order it every other time. so yesterday it was time.

i went to a starbucks [sb] and waited in this annoying line of giggling women. i don’t usually go to this shop, but it didn’t seem any different than the other starbucks. the only thing different from my usual sb, was this really aggressive barista. she was trying to get ahead of the cashier by taking orders of the people standing in line. i always hate that, because i just want to chill in line and say my order, in a normal voice, when i get to the counter. i was put into a situation where i had to order my gtl while yelling…. if you know the ex-cyclist, you will know that the ex-cyclist doesn’t like to talk very loudly. so i had to clarify my order several times…then she ask what kind of green tea i wanted, “we have the ..blah blah blah green tea, or the zen green tea… or the one that taste exactly like the other two green tea…”. so i was pretty confused, since i usually just ask for a green tea latte. i went with the flow, and asked for the “zen”. …only i had to ask for it twice since my voice kind of cracked and she couldn’t hear me. i was really curious, i didn’t know i could specify the type of green tea to put in my latte. i always thought it was just syrup. i was watching her make it, and saw her get some hot water, then she dropped a tea bag in it, then poured in a shot of espresso! that couldn’t be my drink, i ordered a latte. … i guess people order the weirdest things.

turned out it was my drink! i don’t know how she figured out i wanted that. i don’t even know how she thought it was the least bit drinkable. it tasted like lawn grass in mud…with a hint of mint. i don’t know when the mint was added to the equation, but it really was not the time or place for mint. i could not even handle one sip! by far the worst drink i ever put in my mouth… and that is saying a lot [egg nogg, camping water…tab, etc.]. the only good thing about this is that i gained one infinitely valuable experience to take with me in life.

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  1. Becky

    Only you, my friend, can turn a bad day at Starbucks into a valuable lifetime experience. Cheers 2 you!

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