..where the bathroom is. they might get their feelings hurt. but you know…. sometimes you just gotta know. last night i went to see the presidents of the united states of america with a couple of guys from work and my 11 year old. i brought my 11 y/o because he has never been to a concert, so i wanted to be the first one to take him. this was at the gothic theatre in denver. probably not the worst part of denver, but i definitely wasn’t in loveland anymore. at one of the stop lights i even did one of those “office space” door lockings. you know, where you see someone kind of weird looking walking buy, and you don’t want to lock the door in front of them, so you reach under your left arm and press the lock button.

note don’t you think chris ballew looks like levi leipheimer ?

anyway, we got near the gothic and my kid has to go really badly. in retrospect he shouldn’t of had all those drinks on the drive over. of course the only parking is street parking, and we had to park 5 blocks away. this must have been killing him. finally we get to the front of the place and there is a big line. i try distracting him with talk about …you know anything but fluid related stories. we finally get in the place and some really nice looking girls are giving out beer samples. i loose focus immediately. wow, beer….”thank you”. then i stop flirting i look down and my kid …”oh yeah bathroom” … back on focus.

i looked around and everyone looks busy, except for these emo-looking people behind the counter selling concert swag. there was a girl and really skinny guy just standing there talking to each other.. i approached them and asked if they could direct me to the mens room. they looked at each other and kind of laughed, then the guy said that there is one there and that he thinks there is one upstairs. i thanked him.. and my kid bolted off.

as it turned out those kind people that directed me and my child to the men’s room were in fact the opening band!

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