i took my new 25 y/o bianchi out this past sunday for a big adventure. i rode down to hall ranch, rode the trail then rode home. the bike performed wonderfully, except for all the flats. i couldn’t tell what was going on till the third flat. then i noticed that the stupid cheapo rim tape i had bought, without thinking, had slipped to one side letting the spoke holes expose themselves to the tube. this caused the tube to rub against the sharp edges and pop.


i had taken my bike off roading before but not to hall ranch. i like taking my touring bike there because everyone seem to think it’s for mountain bikes only. i can probably do more on my touring bike than 90% of the people out on the trail. i got lots of comments this day.


here is a brief run down of what this bike has:

  • ritchy speed max pro
  • dimension cranks
  • salsa chain rings
  • cane creek scr 5 break levers
  • cane creek scr 3L break calipers
  • cane creek crossstop levers
  • sram x7 front and rear derailleur (which looks a lot like a shimano LX upside down )
  • chris king double nut headset.
  • easton pro bend bars
  • thomson seat post (i love this seat post)
  • salsa quilled stem.
  • weinmann d17 rims
  • shimano deore hubs.
  • and finally the best thing ever….. authentic brooks b17 saddle.

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