so lately i’ve been feeling insecure about my blog, and i checked the stats of my blog.  i wanted to know the demographics of my “audience.” so as far as i can tell i only have a few readers per day.  kind of depressing actually, when you consider all the people in the world who have internet.  i do get some random hits per day from people who google for things that happen to hit some words on my website.   my blog has a feature where i can see the search key that the googler used to find my site.  lots of people looking for bike parts, trails  etc…

once, some jokster [i think he was related to me] used the search term, “stupid websites like” :(

the search word that got my attention the other day was “gram of weed”!  why does my blog show up on pot related queries? i guess since i am writing about it now, it will show up on future queries.  i was kind of curious about this so i googled the same thing.  i went as far as 15 pages and still my blog didn’t show up.   how persistent was this person, to go beyond 15 pages.  i hardly ever go past 4.   so now i guess i have to add another category…”pot smoking”

oh, another search term that comes up regularly is  “naked cycling” [w/o quotes] wtf?  i don’t know why my blog is so high on the list.

2 comments on: gram of weed

  1. Kristy

    So basically, we all know now, that you secretly smoke pot, get high, take your clothes off, and ride your bike. :)


  2. leonard

    oops… i did mention “gram of weed” [sic] in one of my posts. heh…

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