i’ve been in new jersey for the past week due to work.  it’s been going well, except that i needed to be here for the next week. my company wanted to fly me back home and out again after the weekend.   so i decided to stay. granted i would be alone this whole labor day weekend, but it should be ok.   i’ll probably be missing out on some bike riding this weekend, as well,  and god knows i could use the exercise.

so while i am out here i developed this elaborate plan to enjoy nj and ride a bike.  i found this place called the new brunswick bike library. they are a community run bike shop.  they take old bikes and get them into working condition, and sell them or loan them out to members.  membership cost like 20 bucks, and you have to volunteer your time.

i entered the address into my gps and headed off to get my bike.  as i start getting close the neighborhood starts to look less and lees like a bike shop would be there.  my gps said, “your destination is on the left”…. are you kidding me?!? i didn’t see anything there just some big old green  building with no sign.  there was also no parking either.  i had to park about a mile away and walked over there to check it out. i get there and there are no signs anywhere, except for one that says, “deliveries use the side door”.  so i start peeking around the side and back yard and see a bunch of old bikes. this must be the place.  too bad there was no one around.  so my plan was over. no bike.

this actually turned out to be a blessing….

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