i rode picture rock on saturday…..again.  this was my second time in about 5 days. thursday would have been my second time, but when i got there the trail was closed due some spraying they were doing that morning.  the weather was really nice on saturday, and i knew it was going to be busy. just as i had warned in my previous post….. having many people on the single track was going to be a pain in the ars.  i couldn’t ride more than 60 seconds without having to stop and yield the right of way to someone going the other way.  i know the uphill rider get the right of way, but usually i’m in a better place to stop, or i see them sooner….or i’m just nicer :).   anyway it seemed that i was the one doing all the stopping no matter which directio i was heading.

i got in about 18 miles, on this day…not bad for someone in my condition.

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