..only i’m not “in” the race.  i was just out for a sunday run….when all of a sudden people on the trail are telling me that there is a marathon going on up ahead.  first off, it was strange that people are even talking to me. secondly, a marathon?!   i get a little further down the trail and there are some people running with numbers/race bibs on.  i catch up to them and start talking to them a bit.  the guy was friendly enough and didn’t hesitate to talk to me….but the girl never even said hi :( so, yeah! there was a real full length marathon going on right in my “backyard”  i ran with them for a few miles because it just so happened that my trail was part of the course.  so as i was running spectators along the trail and runners going the opposite direction were telling me what a great job i was doing, and to keep it up.  i had to explain to all of them that i was not running the marathon, and that i couldn’t run a trail marathon due to my excessive weight and out-of-shapness.  i was really getting quite tired of explaining this to everyone, but they had to know.

so as i was running my trail all 7 miles of it…i began to contemplate running the whole marathon…. “if only i had known about it, i could have run it.”  then reality joined in my monologue, adding that i should worry about finishing my run, since i have not run 7 miles in months.  ok back to reality, no marathons for me, at least this year :)

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