after finding a place that will strip an powdercoat my frame, i wasted no time dismantling my old diamond back.  i put my bike up on the stand and got out my bike tools and started.  i was really glad i had the right tool for everything… except for the headset removal.  i think i’ll see if my local shop can pound it out for me.  it only took me about 15 minutes to completly remove everything.  i was actually 30 seconds away from putting in my car and driving off to the powdercoating shop.  i decided not to, because i wanted to think about the color some more. i also wanted to research some parts online, just to get a ball park figure of the cost.

here are some pictures before:

on the rack

remember biopace?

these drops are going to be a pain in the neck for single speed.  i suppose i could use eccentric hubs. eccentric hubs are hubs that have the axle offset so you can twist the hub to tighten the chain.  i still haven’t got a plan for this bike so i won’t get too far ahead of myself.

small drops

this next picture is of the old quell headset. i’d love to replace that, but i don’t want to buy a fork.

old headset

the forks and handle bars and cranks are just hanging on the fram so i could get these pictures.  when i remember to take the pictures i had already dismantled everything.


the summer of 92.